Andre Masalovitch, one of Russia's leading software developers, also spoke at the event and outlined Russia's "B-C-D" advantages in information and software technology. Masalovitch said that Russian software development is better ("b") than the competition, cheaper ("c") than other countries' rates (even China's), and different ("d") from other countries in its focus on applications and reverse engineering. He said there are one million application developers in Russia, and they are eager to form partnerships with Western technology firms.

Financial Times, Business Wire, Mar 20, 2002

Andrey Masalovich - President of INFORUS Consortium.

Andrey Masalovich is one of Russia's leading entrepreneurs in the software industry. He was Russia's 1993 Outstanding Scientist of the year for his work on supercomputer architecture, and has been honored for his work in fuzzy logic. Perhaps more to the point, he is president of Tora-Centre, the leading Russian company for analytical software in the financial area, and is also the co-founder of Inforus, an IT consortium aimed at globalising Russia's software talent. Andrey has worked extensively with western technology groups.

The major projects of INFORUS Consortium and Andrey Masalovich are:

  • B2B procurement exchange (Boston),
  • Russian-Japaneze IT Center (Tokyo),
  • Minutes'n'Motion - e-Government solution for California officials (Los Angeles),
  • Avalanche - Intellectual Search Engine for Internet (Boston),
  • BearGuard - Anti-Hacker project for SAP AG,
  • Smart Boss - Business Intelligence solution for SAP AG.

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