Andre I. Masalovitch

Inforus Consortium President

  • 45 years old, married, has two sons
  • Graduated at Moscow Aviation Institute, Applied Mathematics Faculty at 1984
  • Ph.D in the field of Applied Mathematics (1989)
  • Graduated at King's School of English (London, 1992)
  • Attended the Workshop for Privatization and Commercialization at School of Business and Management of Pepperdine University (Los Angeles, 1994)
  • Author of more than 100 scientific and popular papers, published by "Issues of RadioElectronics", "Dr. Dobb's Journal", "PC Week/RE", "PC World/RE", "Intercomputer", "Stock Market", "Business World", "Commersant Daily" etc.
  • Member of Program Committee of EuroPAR-95 Conference.
  • Participant of a number of European and International Conferences.
  • Employee of S&R Institute Kvant since 1984. Current position - Chief Scientific Counselor
  • Awarded by Russian Academy of Sciences as "The Outstanding Scientist of Russia" (1993) for the development of the architecture and system software of the MBS-100 multiprocessing supercomputer
  • Awarded by IPCC for "The Excellent Results in Computer Journalism of Russia" (1995) for the papers in the field of Fuzzy Logic

  • Expert of Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research since 1995
  • Member of Euro-PAR Steering Committee since 1995
  • The Member of Advisory Board of the Moscow Branch of the International Union of Electronic Engineers since 1996
  • Expert of INTAS foundation since 1997

  • Since 1993 - The President of Tora-Centre company, the leading company at Russian financial market in the field of Analytical Software (now Tora-Centre has more than 700 customers in CIS - banks, financial and trade companies etc.)
  • 1999 - co-founder and Director of InterRusSoft, one of the leading Russian software outsourcing company
  • 2001 - The President of Inforus Consortium

    During 1995-2003 Andre Masalovitch was Executive Director and Chief Developer of more than 10 successful international projects :

    Micral Inc., St. Paul, MN, USA (CEO Charles Smoot). Russian specialists, headed by A. Masalovitch, completed four R&D projects related to the cellular telephony. The key advantage of Russian team was high level and low cost of signal processing solutions.

    Parsytec , Chemnitz, Germany (Managing Director Dietrich Theb). Russian team , headed by A. Masalovitch, designed a set of sophisticated application programs for Parsytec multiprocessing hardware. The key advantage of Russian team was the ability of rapid development of large number of programs and libraries.

    3L Limited, Edinburgh, UK (Director Alan Culloch). Russian team, headed by A. Masalovitch, designed key algorithms of C compiler for a number of application-specific hardware units. The key advantage of Russian team was the unique technology of high-level algorithm acceleration.

    Eagle Aerospace, Vaduz, Liechtenstein (General Manager Nick Grey). Russian team, headed by A. Masalovitch, completed a number of rapid prototyping projects for the potential large scale investment projects. The key result - for the less of six month the first pre-release version of the Flanker simulation game was designed. Now it's one of top three simulation games in the world.

    Transtech Parallel Systems, Bucks, UK (Director Mike Cahill). Russian team, leaded by A. Masalovitch, designed a number of optimization algorithms for Transtech hardware.

    EQUIS International, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (Chief Manager Curtis Palmer). Russian team, headed by A. Masalovitch, designed the interface and data processing modules for the well known EQUIS Metastock on-line trading software. As the result EQUIS entered Russian market and some other local markets.

    Super PC Intl, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Director Arjun Runganadhan). Russian team, leaded by A. Masalovitch, designed and manufactured the prototype version of the scalable and flexible ISDN communication switch. The original idea and basic algorithms of Russian developers were patented in USA.

    Viking Interconnect Systems, Mayer, MN (Director Gary Miller). Russian team, headed by A. Masalovitch, designed the layouts of printed circuit boards for high-speed communication devices.

    i-Group, Boston, MS, USA (President Stephen Roy) Russian team, headed by A. Masalovitch, is developing the client/server software for Electronic B2B Exchange. The original Smart Exchange approach allows to expand Exchange features using fuzzy requests, natural language requests and unique "Ask Market" feature.

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